Guidelines to Authors
  • Article (Manuscript) Submission :
    Submit your Manuscript at email :
  • Manuscript Submission :
    Each manuscript will be provided with a manuscript reference number (MR No.) and all conversation will be done through e-mail. Please always refer the manuscript reference number for any further enquiries.
  • Author Guidelines – for submission of manuscript :
    Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts in the following prescribed format. Do not provide manuscript in PDF format.
  • Manuscript Submission form & Checklist :

    Author names should be mentioned serially in a separate Word document file (Manuscript Submission form & Checklist), followed by Designations of the authors with Institution name, address, phone number and email. Authors should declare one Author amongst them for any conversation related to manuscript as Principal Author or contributor.

    Checklist of documents:

    Before you submit your manuscript to Ayurved Darpan- JIM, fill the checklist form. This will allow you to confirm whether all essential documents along with manuscript have been submitted.

  • Manuscript – Research Article :
    • Grammar :
      language of manuscript : For English texts use following Fonts, Calibri, Cambria or Times New Roman, within the manuscript with font size 10. For Sanskrit, Marathi and Hindi use Mangal, Shivaji or Baraha font. Any Headings within the manuscript must be made Bold with first letter Capitalized e.g. Introduction. Ayurvedic terms should be written in italics and nearer English meaning of the Ayurvedic terms if any should be written in the bracket, e.g. kapha
    • Title of Manuscript :
      Title must be in Bold letters with First letter only capitalised, do not capitalize all letters. Also title must be describing contents of the manuscript. Do not include Author names in Manuscript file
    • Abstract :
      Should cover the aim and objectives, methods, important observations and results. It should be less than 200 words. Any abbreviations within manuscript should be written in full form. Abstract must contain important results and final conclusion of the study.
    • Keywords :
      Important keywords 4 – 6 should be mentioned for the purpose of indexing.
    • Introduction :
      should include background of the subject, earlier works carried out and the relationship and significance of this work and the aims and objectives of this study.
    • Materials and Methods :
      It should include the materials utilised, samples, participants in the study and methods used for the study like the diagnostic methods, statistical methods etc. should be mentioned in this section.
    • Study design :
      Description of the eligibility, inclusion and exclusion criteria, methods adopted for the study along with the references to the established methods, statistical methods, dosage, route of administration should be mentioned in detail.
    • Observations and results:
      The observations of the study and the findings must be illustrated with figures or tables wherever necessary
    • Discussion :
      Important conclusions drawn from the results and their significance should be discussed. Any negative results, adverse drug reactions etc. should be mentioned in discussion.
    • Conclusion :
      It should contain the final conclusion of the study. Also further scope for the study in the field should be described.
    • References :
      References must be mentioned according to NLM’s Citing Medicine guidelines and should be numbered in superscript within manuscript. e.g. [1] in the format below.
      • If references are from journals – Authors 1, 2 . Title of Article. Title of Journal. Date of publication; Volume(Issue). Page no.
        1. Guddoye, Gyaneshwarsing, and Mahesh Vyas. “Role of Diet and Lifestyle in the Management of Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus).” Ayu 34.2 (2013): 167–173.
        2. Snehal S Bavadekar, Aniruddha R Tagare, Tushar Kakar, Sunil C Bakare, Rajesh K Ingole Preparation and physicochemical analysis of Mandoor Parpati. Int. Res. J. Pharm. 2013; 4(8):257-259.
      • If references are from books - Authors 1, 2 . Title of book. Edition. Publisher. Place of publication. Date of Publication. Page no.
        1. Nicki R. Colledge. Brian R. Walker. Stuart H. Ralston. Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine. 21 ed. Elsevier Inc. Edinburgh. 2010. 77p.
      • If references are from classical/ Ancient texts: Authors 1, 2 . Title of book. Publisher. Place of publication. Date of Publication. Topic/chapter name, Edition. shloka no. Page no.
        1. Dr. Parimi Suresh, Dr. Vinaya Kumari Dhannapunei, Rasendra Sar sangraha of Shri Gopal Krishna Bhatt, Chaukhamba Sanskrit Sansthan, Varanasi, 2007, Dhanyabhraka nirman, 1sted./147-148; 49p.
  • Images and Tables :
    Images and tables if any within the manuscript should be given proper numbering, Like figure 1, table 1 etc. at appropriate place. Do not include images / tables etc. In manuscript, provide them separately. For details see following guidelines.

    All images provided should be in good resolution, clear and in JPEG or PNG format. If tables to be included in manuscript should be in word document or excel format and if graphs to be included should be in excel file format or image format in good resolution (Kindly check values entered in tables and graphs before submitting manuscript)

  • The journal charges the following fees.
    Author has to pay an amount of Rs. 1500 /- as a Journal fees, upon acceptance of manuscript for publication.

    In case of Foreign national Authors an amount of $100 (USD) would be charged.

    For any queries related kindly feel free to call us on given contact details.

Editorial peer-review

A brief introduction to ADJIM peer-review process:

  • Peer-review process is a key part of any scientific journal.
  • Peer-review process involves Editor-In-chief, other Editorial board members such as Executive editor, Associate editor and Reviewer.
  • The process involves detailed check(review) of manuscript through various stages.

The process of Editorial peer-review has been described below in brief:

ADJIM peer-review process:
  • Author submits manuscript to ADJIM
  • Editor-in-chief receives manuscript - inspect it and refer to reviewer
  • A reviewer is selected based on subject of manuscript.
  • A care is always taken to blind the Reviewer about author(s) of manuscript vice versa.
  • Reviewer reviews the manuscript and returns to the Editor-in-chief with detailed manuscript report.
  • Editor-in-chief reviews the report and makes his decision about manuscript.
  • If the manuscript report has reported queries then it is sent to the author for corrections.
  • After corrections author send manuscript to ADJIM.
  • Then, Editor-in-chief reviews and accepts (if correct) the manuscript for publication.

Note: This process of review is repeated till the queries get resolved.

Guidelines to Reviewers
  • Amongst of all Reviewers play an important role in peer-review process.
  • In order to facilitate review process, following guidelines have been published.
  • Reviewers must aware and follow these guidelines while reviewing manuscript.
  • After receiving the manuscript a reviewer should respond immediately for whether he/she could review the manuscript in time.
  • Reviewer should check the manuscript properly and queries if any for the contents within manuscript must be drafted and sent to the Journal.
  • If no queries should inform the journal that the manuscript can be published.